The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue

The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue

Book Title: The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue

Author: Ronda Armitage

Format: Paperback | 32 pages

Publication Date: 05 Feb 2015

ISBN-13: 9781407144375

Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr. Grinling. At night
time he lived in a small white cottage perched high on the cliffs,
and in the daytime he rowed out to his lighthouse to clean and
polish the light.

The Lighthouse Inspectors have decided that it's time for Mr Grinling
to retire. But when a stranded whale desperately needs the Grinlings'
help, the Lighthouse Inspectors realise that Mr Grinling
is still the best man for the job.

The first Lighthouse Keeper story, THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER'S LUNCH,
was published over thirty years ago and his adventures have been
loved by children ever since. It is now a modern picture book classic.